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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold weather wildlife - 23 January 2013

After looking for months and having very little luck, suddenly the weather turns bad and they all come out to play.

Canon EOS 7d, Ef 100 - 400mm L Lens
1/160 @ 5.6, iso 400, 260mm
This Robin at Watermead park is a perfect example of what I was saying previously, he's puffed up like a furry ball, but it didn't stop him coming to see what we had to offer him.

Canon EOS 7d, Ef 100 - 400mm L Lens
1/200 @ 6.3, iso 400, 400mm
Back at the car park, this Robin was waiting for food, a number of visitors leave bird food on top of the fence posts for them and this one was waiting for the squirrel to finish. Robins are feisty and will take on most things but I think the squirrel was just too much for him.

Canon EOS 7d, Ef 100 - 400mm L Lens
1/320 @ 6.3, iso 400, 285mm
This furry bundle was waiting for us as we drove into the car park and was still there when we got back from our walk. He didn't retreat far when we went to put the food out and was quickly back to his feeding station.

Canon EOS 7d, Ef 100 - 400mm L Lens
1/160 @ 6.3, iso 400, 400mm
Another one sat in the snow, waiting his turn. I don't know what the Robin thought about that, but it was still sitting on the fence as we left the car park.

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