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Monday, July 8, 2013

To Bee or not to Bee - 6 July 2013

Tern, Tern, Tern first although only two pictures it wouldn't fly so I couldn't get a flying shot. A Common Tern at Watermead Park
1/2000 @ f6.3, iso 800, 400mm
1/2000 @ f6.3, iso 800, 400mm
I wouldn't normally show a picture of the back of a Bee, but if you look at the pollen she has collected you might wonder how she flew away. If you haven't see a Bee's collected pollen before, it's the two sandy coloured "stones" you can see either side of her.
1/1328 @ f6.3, iso 800, 400mm
On the way back to the car park I spotted this coot with her new chicks, shortly afterwards they all disappeared under her into the nest and she settled down on top.
1/200 @ f6.3, iso 800, 400mm
Coots can be great parents here the male returns to help her.
1/200 @ f6.3, iso 800, 400mm

All the pictures taken on
Canon EOS7d with EF 100 - 400mm L series zoom

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