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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bradgate babies - 12 August 2013

1/1328 @ 5.6, iso 800, 400mm
A quick trip into Bradgate park, late in the day and all the Fallow deer seemed to be gathering along the stream. The best sighting and one that I've never seen in the park before was this young one suckling. I didn't have the best angle for the pictures, there was a tall stand of grass blocking the side view

1/500 @ 5.6, iso 400, 400mm
1/800 @ 5.6, iso 800, 400mm
1/800 @ 5.6, iso 800, 400mm
1/800 @ 5.6, iso 800, 400mm
1/800 @ 5.6, iso 800, 400mm
This stag popped his head up not far away, a good show, he must be getting prepared for the rut.

1/160 @ 5.6, iso 800, 400mm
It's interesting that as the rut comes closer there are still a lot of young about some, as we've seen, still suckling an others posing. This young un stood there for some time looking like the picture on a babycham bottle.

1/400 @ 5.6, iso 800, 400mm
And I can't help but mention my amazing border collie, Here he was playing with a log and when we called him, he dropped it and looked at us as if to say "What, me, I wasn't doing anything." The log falling to the ground behind him gave it away though.

Skipper is nearly six, we got him from the Border Collie Trust, near to Rugeley, when he was eighteen months old and he has been the best and most intelligent companion we could have.

Apart from being loving and caring and everyone that meets him says what a beauty he is and makes a fuss of him, he loves to play and chase a stick or a ball.

He seems to know what we want him to do without our telling him. One of his most amazing tricks is, when I'm photographing wildlife, he will sit at my feet and do nothing to disturb them. On this trip the deer were sometimes less the thirty yards away and Skipper didn't move or do anything to scare them.

1/200 @ 5.0, iso 800, 100mm

All taken on a 
Canon EOS 7d with an EF 100 - 400mm L series Lens

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