Monday, September 16, 2013

Wet 'N' Windy 16 September 2013

It was a wet and windy weekend and not much about, but Saturday morning had a dry spell and this Butterfly fluttered by and settled on the stone crop beside our house. A small Tortoiseshell, it stayed on the flowers for some time, enough time for me to go into the house and fetch my camera. Usually in these cases I arrive with my camera in time to see the subject disappearing into the distance.

1/1000 @ 6.3, Iso 800, 400mm
1/800 @ 6.3, Iso 800, 400mm
1/400 @ 6.3, Iso 400, 400mm
1/400 @ 6.3, Iso 400, 400mm
The wet weather meant I could finish my latest book and now Maja is editing it. It will be released as soon as I can create a cover for it. The title is "The Bristol Cross Murders." and it's a who dun it. It will be available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.
All pictures taken with a 
Canon EOS7d, and EF 100 - 400mm L series lens 

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