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Monday, December 23, 2013

A Happy Midwinter To You All

Whatever you celebrate at this time, whether it be Christmas, Saturnalia, Midwinter etc, have a good one. I have chosen some of my winter pictures from over the years to bring a festive feeling to all.

I hope you enjoy them.

Two pictures from the Highwoods in Colchester, first is Skipper crossing a frozen stream 

Local people enjoying a convenient slope.

Bradgate House at Bradgate Park in Leicestershire, the ancestral home of the ill fated Lady Jane Grey and in the background the folly 'Old John'

Burdock always looks spectacular after a hoare frost.

Which other bird could represent this time of year better than a Robin with puffed up feathers and beautiful song.

no wonder they feature on so many cards.

Admitted the gull doesn't spring to mind in midwinter but this one was on a frozen lake which, when the weather warmed and the rain fell, formed a near perfect mirror - much to its confusion.

A squirrel thought he might find left overs on the picnic table so we threw him some and as you can see he was grateful.

A couple more festive Robins, who can resist them at this time of year, they are also really photogenic.

Here's another bird you wouldn't think of at this time of year, a wren in the snow.

Finally a gathering of winter fuel, this lot probably lasted till new year.

To All
A merry whatsit and a happy Thingy
o< :o)>

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