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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Deer at Bradgate - 12 December 2013

Since my last post the local birdlife has been conspicuous by its absence, only the common regulars showing themselves. I have spotted the occasional Goosander and Shoveler in the distance and a Dab chick at Charnwood water in very poor light, but nothing available for a decent photo.

So we decided on a visit to Bradgate Park again and the deer did not disappoint. Various young Fallow Deer were out and about and  the variety of colours for deer of the same species was interesting.

1/160 @f6.3, iso 1600, 400mm
1/250 @f6.3, iso 1600, 400mm
The same thing applies to the older ones, a spread from white to black.

1/125 @f6.3, iso 1600, 400mm
This one paused for a drink on its way down a stream and the day was still so the reflections were quite good - albeit only of the back end.

1/80 @f6.3, iso 1600, 400mm
A bigger stag seemed to be moulting and the crow was determined to help, although I wonder why - it cant be nest building at this time of year. I think the wide eyed, startled look of the stag shows his opinion of the goings on.

1/160 @f6.3, iso 1600, 400mm
1/160 @f6.3, iso 1600, 400mm
This Red deer stag looked more comfortable with his lot, but was suspicious of the camera I was pointing at him.

1/80 @f6.3, iso 1600, 400mm
1/80 @f6.3, iso 1600, 400mm
All pictures taken on a 
Canon EOS 7d, and EF 100 - 400mm, L series lens

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